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Re: Ovation suspends U.S. operations in an effort to modernize manufacturing

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:22 am
by jay
First of all thanks for joining the Forums. I totally agree with your stance about Ovation.
At least DW gave it a try. They certainly could have marketed the brand a little differently, imo. It was probably doomed from the start. Taylor and Martin were certainly not going to let Ovation get their foot in the door. With the lack of production on the American guitars, they were never a threat.

If you want an American made Ovation at a decent price, buy it now. There will be a demand for them in the future and there will be some tight hands of the ones that are in good shape. Rightly so, buying a good American made Ovation will cost double what you will pay today in 5 years or so. They are a good guitar and no one else makes a roundback.

Re: Ovation suspends U.S. operations in an effort to modernize manufacturing

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:22 am
by LeonardMcCoy
It is a shame that Drum Workshop failed to re-insert the Ovation brand into a guitar market that is as crowded and unforgiving as ever and where even the long estabilshed brands like Fender and Gibson run into financial woes.

It is also as if the damage done by Fender to the Ovation brand as a whole was so devastating that it is both very difficult and highly costly to bounce back from on top of the fact that the traditional Ovation designs, despite the high quality of their high-end models, have slightly fallen out of favor in this day and age. I feel like Ovation has to come up with something new and exciting for a new generaton of players.

It must also be said that the US models are being offered for absurd prices overseas in Europe, often with a surcharge of up to USD 1,500 (comparing the US vs. the EU price of the Ovation C2079LX-4 Custom Legend for instance).

Ovation suspends U.S. operations in an effort to modernize manufacturing

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:00 am
by jay
((My Reaction reading DW's subject line )

(08/03/2018 – Oxnard, CA) Drum Workshop Inc., owner of the 50 plus year, storied brand, recently announced plans to update most of its current models. Much of the comprehensive strategy is said to focus on a review of existing models and price points with the long term goal of laying groundwork for a future that offers diehard Ovation fans a value proposition consistent with past models, while delivering stand-out instruments to a new generation of guitar enthusiasts.

“Ovation has always been predicated on innovation, advancement, sound quality, ease of use and playability. Although the market segment has changed quite a bit since Ovation launched in the 70’s, that still holds true today. It’s parallel to the DW Drums philosophy and we need to make sure we are abiding by the legacy that Charlie Kaman created over 50 years ago.”, said newly-appointed Ovation Brand Coordinator, William Robinson.

The brand will launch a revised website and pricing in August and has plans to step-up specifications and features on import and U.S. made product in the coming year. Meanwhile, Ovation’s New Hartford, CT facility will cease operations to clear the way for the brand’s new direction. Existing U.S. inventory will continue to be sold during the transition process.

Drum Workshop President and C.E.O., Chris Lombardi added, “We really want these guitars to be embraced by a new audience, while in keeping with what Ovation means to so many people around the world. We hear from guitarists that tell us Ovation was their first guitar and they still play it today. That means it made a substantial impact on the industry and we want to keep that feeling alive. It’s what makes Ovation so special.”