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Re: New DVD / CD Releases

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:04 pm
by robduloc
My favorite Gllen Campbell concert is from the Cornwall Coliseum in the UK, it is on a two CD package, originally it was on 2 Lp's, that's a lot of getting up and turning over the next side, and so it is nice to be able to sit and listen to the whole show all the way though.

The first disc of the two CD set is a compilation with two very rare songs one by, Jimmy Webb, and the other Mickey Newbury I believe.

The song by Jimmy Webb sounds tailor fit for what I would describe the ultimate Frank Sinatra ballad, a lot of living and feeling packed into the words and music, "Didn't We".

I think it may have been first picked up by Richard Harris, maybe as a present for paying Jimmy Webb and Hal Blaine too fly to England and cut a record with him, that's just my spin and what do I know, I did read that Hal Blaine was very thanfful that he got to leave all the dates back in L.A. and vacation awhile.

A working man's vacation, I guess!

And there are no throw away's in the Mickey Newbury canon, at one time he was considered Nashville's main resident songwriter, my heart goes out to him and his legacy.

Thank you, I'm getting emotional.

There's a compilation for you~

Goodnight, everybody, sweet dreams*

Re: What Glen Campbell Items Are You Searching For?

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:38 pm
by Mike Joyce
Dee, The Ember album was released in 1968. NR 5042.It has the same cover as Hey Little One but the tracks are different. Ember tended to do this with the UK releases. I guess it was something to do with the single releases at the time.
Oh Happy Day was released as The Glen Campbell album and also had different play list.

Re: What Glen Campbell Items Are You Searching For?

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:03 pm
by Dee
My pleasure, Karina! Thanks again for posting your question here. I feel Glen would appreciate the fact that we are posting about this song and its history on his own forums, keeping the story alive, don't you?

Last night, I was searching on our forums and couldn't find a related post -- but tonight I found it. This link will take you directly to a post about another alleged songwriting theft by Jerry Capehart. This one involved Eddie Cochran. In this same post, there is a link to an interview in print with Glen -- and, although he doesn't reveal Capehart's name, he again confirms that he co-wrote Turn Around, Look at Me. Here is the link to this post: ... hran#p3970" onclick=";return false;, The Classic Bands interview is a great read, too.

Mike, when was the Ember album released? At around the same time as "Hey Little One"? Isn't it odd that there is this songwriters' discrepancy between the two Capitol / EMI albums?
Ha! Thanks for sharing the joke Glen made about how old he was when he wrote TALAM! And wasn't it gracious of Glen to refer to Capehart as a "friend"?

Karina, I feel you hit the nail on the head with your point about Glen being young and naive at the time he worked for American Music Publishing, perhaps an easy target by someone else who was more interested in boosting his own career and finances. I hadn't realized Glen was only 24 when he wrote TALAM. Good for you for doing the research and gathering your facts.

Now I wish we could find out who or what inspired Glen to write this song of unrequited love at such a young age?

Dee :)

Re: What Glen Campbell Items Are You Searching For?

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:05 pm
by Mike Joyce
Just to chip in on this one. I have Glen's Hey Little One album which credits both Glen and Jerry and I have an Ember UK released album called Tun around look at me, which only credits Jerry. Glen sang Turn around look at me at the Royal Festival Hall London in 1977 and as it started he made the joke that he wrote the song with a friend in 1961 "I was 5 at the time". He tells the audience. There is no doubt Glen did in fact have a big part in the writing of this song. As we also know this was Jimmy Webb's first record he ever purchased.

Re: What Glen Campbell Items Are You Searching For?

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:22 am
by karina

Many thanks for your efforts. A "music historian" disputed this fact with me , citing BMI. I did extensive research on this because I realized Glen's youth at time and the way people take advantage of others in both music industry and other venues, especially when young and naive as Glen was I believe just 24, and one of 12 children of a sharecropper. I think the kind of good soul he was, he just wanted to just sing the music and play, both of which he did superbly, and thus used on so many sessions for his great talent. I saw "Ill be Me" and cried..he is an amazing man and will always be remembered.

Again your efforts are truly appreciated.


Re: What Glen Campbell Items Are You Searching For?

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:33 pm
by Dee
Hi, karina! Welcome to Glen Campbell Forums, and thank you for your great question.

I am going to "let Glen" answer your question directly -- from his 1994 autobiography titled Rhinestone Cowboy (written with Tom Carter).

Glen worked for American Music Publishing in Los Angeles in 1961, writing and demo-ing songs pitched to other artists to record. Jimmy Bowen was also one of the staff writers at that same time. "Turn Around, Look at Me" was Glen's first hit song for AMP. Glen wrote about it in his bio:
IMG_6912_Turn Around Look at Me_1.JPG
IMG_6912_Turn Around Look at Me_1.JPG (158.92 KiB) Viewed 4702 times
So, yes, Glen was co-songwriter, did not receive credit as co-writer, and apparently did not receive his rightful share of the song's royalties (as evidenced by his omission as co-writer in the BMI database that you discovered).

In another chapter in his autobio, Glen briefly writes again about TALAM and is more direct about the royalties issue and his feelings about it:

Turn Around Look at Me_2 .JPG
Turn Around Look at Me_2 .JPG (160.17 KiB) Viewed 4702 times
I have watched a few interviews with Glen Campbell in which he touched on this same topic but he never disclosed Capehart's name directly.

Perhaps another member on the Forums here will know how it came to be that the single released in Japan credits both Glen and Capehart?

Oddly, Jimmy Bowen fully credits Capehart for writing the song in his 1997 book titled Rough Mix!

Jerry Capehart died from brain cancer in June 1998, four years after the publication of Glen's autobiography.


Re: What Glen Campbell Items Are You Searching For?

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:46 am
by karina
admin wrote:Post here if you are looking for certain items or have any questions about a collectible you own.
I would like to know if in fact Glen Campbell co wrote Turn Around Look At me with Jerry Capehart. The US version just gives Capehart the writing credit..wheras Japense 45s show Capehart-Campbell as co writers. BMI also lists ONLY Capehart with writing credit.

Re: What Glen Campbell Items Are You Searching For?

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:49 am
by Dee
Hi again M. Giddings!

As I mentioned below to you, there are a few full episodes of the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour on the "Historic Films" website, currently available to watch for free.
We first posted the link to one of these episodes on the forums here: ... ilms#p2366" onclick=";return false;

When you go to the Historic Films webpage and click on the black arrow to start the program, you'll find that it takes a good 30 seconds to start the film. This episode is from March 5, 1969, with Glen Campbell, Johnny Hartford, Bobby Goldsboro, Joe South, Joey Bishop, and Judy Carne. It's complete with the commercials, too!


Re: What Glen Campbell Items Are You Searching For?

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:39 am
by Dee
Welcome to Glen Campbell Forums, M. Giddings!
Your question is a great one.
Would you believe that only the following Glen Campbell Goodtime Hours have been officially released?

(1) 1990 - The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour with Special Guest Stars: John Wayne, Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, Three Dog Night contains an episode of The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. This video was released in 1990 as part of The Glen Campbell Video Collection. It is out of production but once in a while it shows up on ebay and other places, some copies are pricey, some not.

(2) 1996 - Christmas with Glen Campbell contains various Christmas songs and skits from The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. This release on VHS was not a complete episode. It was only sold at Glen’s Branson theatre and by mail order. It's out of production but shows up on ebay from time to time.

(3) 2007 - Good Times Again contains a selection of solo performances and duets by Glen Campbell taken from The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. Again, not a complete episode. It can still be bought new on online stores such as amazon for under $24.00. Personally, I really like this program. It was shown in part on public television last summer.

(4) 2012 - Glen Campbell American Treasure box set with 3 music CDs and one DVD that features only parts of--not complete episodes of--The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. This set is out of production, too. The DVD of clips is excellent quality.

(5) 2015 - The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour: Christmas Specials DVD with two complete Goodtime Hour Christmas shows (There have been Glen Campbell Music Show releases, but this show is, of course, a different show hosted by Glen.) The quality is great!

(6) 2016 - The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour Country Special DVD. This new one is being released this week, April 29th! Amazon has it for sure, maybe other online stores?

You are right about "little pieces here & there" because only the above shows were officially released. Anything else you find is bootleg. Also fans have kindly shared some clips on YouTube.

We found some episodes on a website Historic Films...I will post the link here for you shortly.


Re: As many episodes possible of The Goodtime Hour

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:09 am
by M.Giddings
I've been dying to watch this show but can't find anything but little pieces here & there!!