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Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 7:29 pm
by Dee
"Tender Mercies", one of my favorite Duvall films!
Thanks for reminding me of it, Rob. Perhaps my local library has a copy of it for a nice Memorial Day Weekend Watch!

Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 7:26 pm
by Dee
Don't give up the search, Rob!

Keep an eye on ebay. You shouldn't have to pay a hundred bucks for it. And you shouldn't have to buy it from a seller in another country (and pay a fortune for shipping). Once in a great while, an excellent buy will be listed, depending on whether you are wanting "sealed", "mint", "excellent", etc.

Individual tracks (maybe the entire album, too?) can be found on YouTube. How about this hot guitar playing by the one and only?

Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 7:22 pm
by robduloc

That is a huge update, I had never heard about Duvall confronting Hathaway on the set of True Grit.

This is a big moment for me, and I am glad that I got to hear it here for the first time.

I sat through Tender Mercies two times in a row,, I was only around 19 years old.

I am glad that I bank all my money and time on Duvall.

It is an honor to hear that Duvall stuck up for Campbell.

And I am also glad that Campbell remained faithful to his craft, movies have their place in my heart and psyche, although I have found over time music says so much much more than a bunch of flickering images.

I'm sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Music fills a tremendous void in our lives~

The I'lll Be Me documentary shows it takes up the biggest part or space of our brain.

Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 7:08 pm
by robduloc
Thank you Dee,

For the last year I googled The Bandits Electric Twelve, and avoided for the most part, a certain "major" site wants you to download it, doy*

And so, there was a seller in Canada who had a vintage copy of the LP for around 12 dollars, that is gone!

There are a couple other sellers att the same site for a little extra in Italy and Australia, oh, the postage and different rates country to country...

No I am not going to buy the MP3 version.

I hope that someone bought and found the copy from Canada much the same way the picture sleeve for Letting Go~

I did send you a picture of Glen Campbell rare LP's that I hope to see posted soon.

But you know, I'm just a kid in a candy store, the world's greatest forum and members.

Thank you, Dee, everyone.


Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 6:59 pm
by Dee
Rob, I suspect that Robert Duvall may have given Glen advice about how to deal with Henry Hathaway, the director, who did not have a good reputation with at least some actors in the industry.

From Turner Classic Movies' website:
Hathaway and (John) Wayne had worked together on a number of films before, but his dictatorial style rubbed his younger stars the wrong way. Tired of seeing the director berate Glen Campbell in front of cast and crew, Robert Duvall forced a confrontation one day. The two men had a heated exchange with each other until the air cleared and they managed to come to terms. ... -Grit.html" onclick=";return false;

I had read similar stories previously. (Maybe in Glen's autobio? How about it, Cowpoke?) :)


Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 6:49 pm
by Dee
Nice find, Rob! It's just a matter of time before you find what you are searching for, isn't it? :D

For almost three years, I searched on and off (mostly off) for the soundtrack to "True Grit" in CD format. In October 2013, Joe Marchese of The Second Disc had clued me in to its existence:
The CD reissue of that 1969 Capitol TRUE GRIT LP is catalogue no. CDP 7243 8 32163 2 1 on the Capitol label. There’s no date on the actual disc, but the AllMusic Guide states that it was released on March 7, 1995. Hope this helps!
Thank you, Joe, your info certainly did help! I found the CD about 4 months ago.

Amazon (US) lists a True Grit CD, but it appears to be an EMI version. Can't speak for its legitimacy. Furthermore, the listing appears to be wrong, showing the total album time to be something around 128 minutes! No way, Jose!

Regarding your search for "The Electric 12 The Bandits", following is a quote from the album's liner notes...just in case you need a little more motivation (ha!) for your vinyl search:
"To those of us fortunate enough to know the fantastic musicianship of Glen Campbell that is truly all the introduction this album needs. The rest, the filling of this musical pie, is all inside this jacket. ... As a Dee Jay I rarely recommend an album as a necessity for a collection. But then, this is a rare album."--Gene Weed
Best wishes for obtaining this "musical pie", Rob!

Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 6:36 pm
by robduloc
By the sound of things,the camera and mic's can pick up a performance and use both the sound and imagery for a take, but if the dialogue needs to be rehashed, an actor can go back and overdub his parts at a later date, only, you have to be good at filling in the gaps, if you watch James Garner in The Rockford Files he is a master at overdubbing at a later date, it is an art, no doubt.

Campbell ought to feel comfortable that he was able to go in at a later date and redo his lines, but he is so modest, Campbell doesn't give himself much credit.

Shooting a scene and going back to overdub the dialogue is standard procedure, and you get better at it over time, Campbell needs to cut himself some slack, there are interviews where he is discussing the process, very cute and sweet, by the banter, you would think that as a musician he never did an overdub before.

All the right people at the right time fell into place to produce True Grit. That is Hollywood, at its' best.

It is very powerful to learn dear, old Robert Duvall pulled Campbell aside a few weeks into shooting and gave Campbell some pointers, the extent of what those pointers are unknown, we would all benefit to hear, when to look good on camera and when you pick up the dialogue or delivery on the flipside.

When Campbell says Duvall rallied to his side, I like to think it was more than a couple times, encouraging or allowing Campbell to feel good about his role and place on the set, with his Duvall's love for country music, I like to think he was present in the sound studio and not just on the set.

It would help, if Duvall come forward and talk about the scope of his coaching, lord knows, Campbell and his audience respect and appreciate True Grit is one heck of a motion picture, everyone in the entire cast, on and off camera shine!


Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 6:01 pm
by robduloc
OMG or... Oh My Hair*

I finally have a frame of reference ,for my hair or.. our hair.. thank you, for the 23 minute interview with the two men... More... More hair, that is...


I looked up the reviews on for the CD Glen Campbell It's Just A Matter Of Time, a reviewer "jct" says yes, it was reissued on CD around 2012, they said the sound quality on the original vinyl copy was extra good and the compact disc version is pretty good as well, and so there you have it, a compact disc version of Glen Campbell It's Just A Matter Of Time, the reviewer, "jct" did say the CD version does not have as much info in the liner notes, and so it always pays to go back and find the original album and pressing one way or another.

Copies of the CD dropped off the radar for many years, I am very fortunate and glad to say there are new sealed, never been open versions of the compact disc up for sale on, I ought to know, I bought one for under 20 dollars the other week, I will be waiting anxiously by my mailbox...

There is an MP-3 version that you can download if that's your thing, I do know that all the songs on the album resonate, with Campbell and his audience, the album was first released around 1985, it has a number of Jimmy Webb songs, love the portrait on the front cover of the album, oh, the hair... a classic, and a keeper, for all time~.


Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 5:06 am
by Cowpoke
robduloc wrote:When I saw the movie and read the book True Grit, I knew in my heart Charles Portis had something to say about what is true chivalry, an update of state affairs from the Knights of the Round Table.

It is an interesting time to explore, the vacuum created right after the Civil War, long swords cinched out and traded for repeating rifles. No doubt, the long swords became a symbol of the old ways, the blood that was shed and many sacrifices in the name of honor, it's a messy business, being told that you have seen better days and cinched out as well.

I wouldn't be surprised if Porter consciously used LaBoeuf as a variation or parody of the Frenchman and Knight Lancelot, a man stretched out miles from his home, an alien in a foreign world seeking to uphold his honor, and good standing, his usefulness used up, living life and foraging just for himself like one of the knights who had been sent on a quest to find the grail for his king, wandering amid a vast wasteland of broken dreams, survivors of the old West, swallowed up in a bottle for the most part to quell the pain and soothe old scars, the rare individual striving to stay on task hunting for the prize, I'm guessing the name LaBoeuf historically must be tied to cutlery one some level or another, one thing is for certain, there is an overriding feel if you get in his way Leboeuf will draw and quarter you.

Yep, Portis is saying we have to rethink what it is or means to be chivalrous and to know and learn True Grit. Strip the dirt from the road off our backs and make ourselves more vulnerable for one another, shedding a few layers of armor in the process, old soldier of fortune.

It is funny that I got my first two Glen Campbell LP's in the Fall of '67 at the same time Camelot hit the theaters, I believed that I purchased the stage version of the album that Spring and play it on repeat sitting and laying in bed with the lights turned off, and the door slightly ajar, I was only in third grade and scared of the dark

Which brings us to another item of memorabilia. The front cover of Glen Campbell Gentle On My Mind

Dee performed a tremendous service, and help joggle my memory, the Hartford/Campbell video premiered late Summer '67. That, I believe... Thank you...

It wasn't long before Campbell stole the heart of every man, woman and child on the block, Hartford can take pride Gentle On My Mind help the world look into ourselves, dream big, wake up and move ahead, much like the river in the song, always moving, soaking up the cool refreshing shadows, glimmering in the light.

One of my original post here explores that... as a child, no more than 8 years old, the arrangement spoke to me like no other, the acoustic guitar was the deeper underlying current of the river using the weight or body of the water to move things along, and the banjo was the light on top of the surface glimmering playing with the ripples.

Big news, to look at the world that way, everything fresh and new asking to be explored, as our town had been built in a relatively short period in the late 50's, everything was new and inviting, all the new buildings and clean drywall resonated when I'd sit and study the slick for the album cover Gentle On My Mind.

With all these deep feelings I was still only a kid, the overall impression the picture of Campbell leaning over his guitar, he must be a traveling doctor that made house calls, I honestly thought and felt that is what the cover was saying, maybe I was right!

True story.


Thank you, everyone.

It's very interesting to read your thoughts about the themes of True Grit. I sense the writer also meant to say that there are different ways to show True Grit or that different people show it differently. I only saw the movie for the first time maybe three years ago and I had no idea what to expect. I had read that Glen didn't do a good job as an actor (Glen himself even thoughts so) but I was pleasantly surprised by his performance. I think he portrayed LaBoeuf well, whether it was intentional or not! :) In any case, I was pleasantly surprised as well by the fact that in the end LaBoeuf showed his true colors and helped both Matty and Rooster survive.

Your story about how Gentle on My Mind opened up a lot of things for you connected to this interview that longtime fan Harry Warren's (aka Hair) wonderful youtube channel Breautube recently posted.

They start off with Gentle On My Mind and then the interviewer shares that particular song opened up whole new worlds of possibilities for country writers who never used all the transitions and progressions of chords that can be found in the recording.

Re: Fans' Collectibles (Your Memorabilia) - Lots of Photos!

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 4:44 am
by Cowpoke
robduloc wrote:Thank you, Cowpoke and Dee,

I have an update for Cowpoke, sit back and relax!

I will find and a buy paperback movie-tie in for True Grit and Norwood, and send them to Dee to ship out to you as a gift, and so, hold onto your saddle*

They are relatively inexpensive and it will be fun to do something for someone besides myself.

Dee is talking here about an original vintage paperback pressing of Norwood from around 1967, the publishers paid a couple models to pose as the two main characters, the romantic element, sitting on the bus, it is funny you know, it would have involved an art director, their choice for the front cover make Norwood look very young and in hindsight, shorter, than the long lean Campbell look, oh boy

it is nice to hear Dee took the great plunge into the depths of its; pages and unfolding chapters,

The vintage picture on the front cover is a wonderful window into the late 60's, the great lengths a woman would spend on her, all the hairspray and teasing just to look clean and made up to sit on a bus for hours.

Yep, it's a big moment to hear it was an original copy, must have been when Dee was holed up during the historic snow storm.

Standing by the cafeteria door yesterday afternoon, Lucy yelled out to one of her mates halfway across the room, "I'LL BE IN THE LIBRARY"!

Yeah, and an apple doesn't fall yoo far from the tree either. Might have a mom or auntie that used to spend their recess in the library as well...

Authors visit schools all the time, someone most likely on of her teachers, maybe a relative equipped Miss Lucy with the tools exactly what a writer does, and the pause and hurt in her voice when she said no she doesn't like to write suggests it is a pipe dream. I know so many book sellers a publishing deal was their one great dream and decided they could no longer be a burden to their family and get, "a real job", a book store offering some relief to be around that sort of greatness, like a curator for a museum.

II finally was able top order a CD of It's Just A Matter Of Time, I can lay my download burned version to rest.

Keep on collecting and coming here to visit, my kitty wants to sit in my lap..........................
That is very kind of you Rob. To speak with Glen, don't go to "Any Trouble" for me. But I appreciate your offer very much. :)
On a different note, I would like to ask you: so there really is a CD of It's Just A Matter of Time? I heard that they planned a release and then they cancelled it. I lost the trail after that, so I am probably a little behind with the facts. :)