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Todd Youth passes away

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Todd Youth passes away

Post by jay » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:20 am

Todd Youth, who played in Agnostic Front, Warzone, Murphy’s Law, D Generation, Danzig, and more, and most recently Fireburn, has reportedly passed away.

In 2008, he played bass and lead guitar on "Meet Glen Campbell" and was part of Glen's band for a while.

Here is a clip from the Tonight Show

Todd had this to say about the experience:

What did recording and playing live with Glen Campbell meant to you?

Todd Youth - Well it's funny because it was when I'd rejoined Danzig and I did a tour again in 200, I guess and he wanted me to go out again with him this year and I'd done, I'd played on Glen Campbell's new record and I had both of them on the table, like I could go out and play with Glen Campbell and I could go out with Glen Danzig, you know, what am I gonna do? And I just felt like, here's this musical challenge, this is something I've never, ever done before and we were coming here to the UK to do Jools Holland and we were doing a date with the BBC Symphony. I was gonna rehearse in Abbey Road Studios, with the BBC Symphony, I was like, man what do I do, do I go on the big rock tour with the girls and the bus and the booze and all the stuff, or do I as a musician step away from that for a second and do something different. And I just made the decision to do. And it was funny because I was talking to my father about it, you know of all the things I've done, like my father's seen me playing with Motorhead, he's seen me playing with Danzig, you know, and he was always like, when I was playing with Danzig I had three full stacks onstage and I'm like, look dad look at all this and he was like, "you need all this [...]?" And you know in Motorhead I had four full stacks and he was "you really need all this?" and I call him up and tell him “hey I'm playing Cheapeap Trick's new record which is coming out this year” and he was like "yeah yeah yeah", you know, and I tell him I've done this session or that session work and he goes "oh yeah ok". Then I tell him, Dad, I just played on Glen Campbell's new record, and he goes: "Oh my god!! This is your big break!!” you know what I mean. And when I told him my decision, cause I was talking to him through it all like, I don't know what to do and when I told him I'm not gonna do the Danzing tour, I'm gonna go with Glen Campbell, he told me "Todd, to people my age that is just as good as playing with Elvis Presley". So to get that acceptance finally from him and as a musician, it meant so much to me. And it was such a great experience and I still play with Glen occasionally, you know, I just did a few shows onstage with him recently. And it's a great experience 'cause it's such a different thing musically for me.

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