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Glen's time in Lindrith New Mexico (1951-1952)

Thank You, Glen Campbell

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Re: Thank You, Glen Campbell

Post by good2me » Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:46 pm

what a great story! You got lucky w/ that one! Thank you so much for your service ! I was a baby then, it wasn't right the way people treated the military! Our boy Mr Glen Campbell wasn't that way though!

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Thank You, Glen Campbell

Post by admin » Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:50 pm

Many years ago during a very unpopular time in American history seems like most of the people hated the American soldier during Vietnam period. It was very cool to hate soldiers, like it is cool now to support them. I was stationed at Fitzsimons General Hospital in Aurora, Co. Many of the patients had suffered lose of limbs. I was a soldier then but not wounded, it was strongly frowned upon for us to go anywhere but home and maybe get fuel for car in uniform. It was dangerous to be in Army around wrong groups.

One day they asked if anyone wanted to go see Glen Campbell concert downtown they had sent tickets to us. I of course wanted to go and to help others that needed help. So we had a bus come and transport us to concert. They provided rows up front and to the side that wheel chairs needed. During half time some one came out and said that Mr Campbell wanted to invite us back stage.

We went and maybe 20 or so of us waited, then Mr Campbell came out and visited us a short period of time. He said he was meeting about Christmas album and had to get back to meeting. He probably never knew or will know how important that was to us, one shining light.

After that we had to guard gates at Ft Carson as Jane Fonda and her group attempted to march on stockage. This was in 1969 for concert and I think 70 for Jane Fonda. Thank you Glen, both my sons are in the Army and I have passed this kindness you showed us to them.

I hate that you are sick but maybe if you read this it might make you smile. You may even remember it.

Good luck and thanks for caring about us, we care.

Posted by Dee for David, U.S. Army retired

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