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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by Cowpoke » Sat Nov 21, 2020 1:21 pm

Hi MarySue,
I’m sorry I only have the GC performances as released on several dvds. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glen_Campbell_videography for more details. Pan people’s performance was not included on them.

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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by MarySue » Fri Nov 13, 2020 5:27 am

Dee wrote:
Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:55 pm
A MILLION thanks to Erik the Dane (one of our members in Denmark) for sharing his updated list of Glen Campbell performing Jimmy Webb's tunes with Glen Campbell Forums!
(Some of Erik's formatting was lost when I copied and pasted his Word document text here. I will work on adding his formatting shortly.)
If you can help with any of the missing pieces, we would all be grateful!
Perhaps some or all of this information may be included in Jimmy Webb's upcoming book publication. Just a wish on my part!

Updated December 2015

Glen Campbell doing Jimmy Webb tunes
From 1967 and up, solo, live, tv show, more

MOST tunes, that were out on vinyl, are now also available on cd media.

LP and songs from tv shows, and tv or radio promotion spots are available on VHS and/or DVD.

“By The Time I Get To Phoenix”, 2:42 Out both as mono / stereo version.
From LP `By The Time I Get To Phoenix´, Capitol 2851, Releases day: 27th November 1967
Gold Records Certifications (RIAA), 17th October 1968

From CBS-TV Show, `The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour`. CBS.
Air the 21th January, season 2., episode 20.
`The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour` was air from 5th February 1967 to 20th April 1969
Was running over 3. seasons, 72 episodes all

”Phoenix / Say A Little Prayer” (medley)
From CBS-TV Show, `The Summer Smothers Brothers Show` (The Smothers B. Comedy Hour)
G.C. and Nancy Sinatra sings duet. Air the 23th June, season 1., episode 20.

1968 (late) - NOT shure year!
“Phoenix” (live in studio)
From California country TV Show `Gene Autry`s Melody Ranch` - my copy is a Portugal issue
From DVD, `Country Legends 2004` - `When They Were Rising Stars`, Immortal IMM940043

“Wichita Lineman”, 3:05, /1/
From LP `Wichita Lineman`, Capitol 103, 4th November 1968
#no. 01 Country list #no.01 Pop charts (Billboard, both December 1968)
Gold Records Certifications (RIAA), 18th November 1968

“Wichita Lineman”
ABC-TV show, `Hollywood Palace`, season 6., episode 12, air date 21th December 1968.
Host Bing Crosby, Christmas Show - NOT ISSUED!

”Wichita Lineman” (a)
”Phoenix” (b)
”Galveston” (c)
”Galveston” (d)
”Galveston” (e)
”Where`s The Playground Susie?” (f)
”Didn`t We” (g)
”Phoenix” (h)
”Up, Up And Away” (h)
”Wichita Lineman” (i)
”Galveston” (i)
(a) Air date 29th January, season 1, episode 1
(b) Air date 05th February, season 1, episode 2
(c) Air date 05th March, season 1, episode 6
(d) Air date 12th March, season 1, episode 7
(e) Air date 02th April, season 1, episode 9
(f) Air date 07th May, season 1, episode 14
(g) Air date 15th October, season 2, episode 4
(h) Air date 19th November, season 2, episode 9
(i) Air date 21th December, season 2, episode 13
`Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour`. CBS., comedy and music
Air from 22th January 1969 to 13th June 1972. Was running over 4. seasons, 91 episodes all

“Galveston”, 2:39, /2/
“Where`s The Playground Susie?”, 2:55
From LP `Galveston`, Capitol 210, 17th March 1969
Gold Records Certifications (RIAA), 16th April 1969

“Phoenix” (medley)
“Galveston” (medley)
Glen Campbell on `The Johnny Cash Show`. Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash song in a medley
who also included “I´ve Been Everywhere”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Abilene”, “Arkansas”,
“I Got Stripes” and “I Still Miss Someone”.
Screen Gems, ABC, season 1., episode 5., air 12th July

“Didn`t We”
“Where`s The Playground Susie?”
From LP `Glen Campbell - Live` - In Holmdel, New Jersey, Capitol 268, 28th August 1969
Gold Records Certifications (RIAA), 19th September 1969

“Song For The Open Road”, 1:10 - AD - TV spot or radio, CHEVROLET CAR - from LP
Sung by G.C. with strings, Label S, number R-2415
From album Charles H. Stern Agency, Inc. presents ``The `In` Sound For The 70`s``
Also to be watch with Glen out on YouTube

”Honey Come Back” (j)
“Up, Up And Away”, “Phoenix” and “Wichita Lineman” + 6 (medley) (k)
”Didn`t We” (l).
”Just Another Piece Of Paper” (m)
(j) Air date 08th February, season 2, episode 19
(k) Air date 22th February, season 2, episode 21
(k) G.C., Dionne Warwick and Fifth Dimension in a medley
(l) Air date 11th October, season 3, episode 4
(m) Air date 18th October, season 3, episode 5
`Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour´. CBS, comedy and music

“Wichita Lineman” (both on DVD and CD)
From DVD `The best of the Johnny Cash TV Show 1969-71`, Sony/BMG, 2008, DVD + CD
From `The Johnny Cash Show`. Air season 2., episode 10, originally aired 25th November 1970

The Dean Martin Show, G.C. sings
Was a NBC-TV variety comedy series, ran 1965-1974, 264 episodes.

“Honey Come Back”, 3:00
From LP `Try A Little Kindness`, Capitol 389, 14th January 1970
Gold Records Certifications (RIAA), 19th February 1970

“MacArthur Park”, 4:47
“Just Another Piece Of Paper”, 2:09
From LP `The Glen Campbell Goodtime Album`, Capitol 493

“Phoenix / I Say A Little Prayer” (medley) (n)
“Galveston” (o)
“Phoenix / I Say A Little Prayer” (medley) (o)
(n) G.C. and Dionne Warwick in duet
(o) G.C.
(o) G.C. and Anne Murray in duet
(n) Air date 07th Februar, season 3, episode 20
(o) Air date 19th October, season 4, episode 5
`Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour`. CBS

“Phoenix+1” (medley)
From LP `Glen Campbell & Anne Murray´, Capitol 869, 15th November 1971

“MacArthur Park”
Air date 14th March, season 4, episode 23
`Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour`. CBS

“Wichita Lineman”
“Galveston” (A)
“Honey Come Back” (A)
From BBC TV Show, DVD, `Best Of The G. C. Music Show`, RPM Films, RPMDVD2, 2006
And from G.C. Live, DVD (A) `Through The Years`, Elm Street Media, 2011, ESMDVD001
Also some DVD tracks on `G.C. Live Anthology 1972-2001`, Goldenlane Records CLP 8935
From BBC Television Show `Glen Campbell - From The Talk Of The Town`
“Wichita Lineman”
“Honey Come Back” (in medley), include also “Gentle On My Mind” and “Try A Little Kindness”
From G.C. From The Talk Of The Town, featuring Pan`s People (dance troupe)
From BBC2 TV - air 7th May
From DVD / CD `Glen Campbell, Live Anthology 1972-2001`, out 27th August 2012

“Phoenix” (medley)
“Wichita Lineman” (medley)
“Galveston” (medley)
“Honey Come Back” (medley)
From `Lee Jeans Super Jam Live Concert`, Louisville, Kentucky, 14th July 1974

“Just This One Time”, 3:42
“You Might As Well Smile”, 3:32
“Wishing Now”, 3:12
“About The Ocean” (writer by J. Webb`s sister Susan), 2:56
“Ocean In His Eyes”, 3:24
“The Moon`s A Harsh Mistress”, 3:05
“I Keep It Hid”, 3:25
“Adoration”, 3:14
“It`s A Sin (When You Love Somebody)”, 2:25
From LP `Reunion` (Jimmy Webb / Glen Campbell), Capitol 11336, 15th October 1974

”Wichita Lineman”
TV Show, interview, comedy, music: Dinah!, NBC. Glen Campbell sings this song
Air date 22th April, season 1., episode 121. 90 minutes. Show was running 1971-1979

“Galveston” (medley)
“Phoenix” (medley)
“Wichita Lineman” (medley)
”Honey Come Back” (medley)
From LP `Glen Campbell - Live In Japan`, (recorded in Tokyo 29th May), Capitol Japan 80288
Out on CD, same title, Real Gone Music RGM-0018, 2011, USA

“Up, Up And Away”
“Ocean In His Eyes”
“All I Know”, Jimmy Webb sings, G.C. sings background vocal
“Phoenix” (medley)
“Wichita Lineman” (medley)
”Galveston” (medley)
“Honey Come Back” (medley)
“Didn`t We”
“The Moon`s A Harsh Mistress”
“MacArthur Park”
All these above songs, from the show with Jimmy Webb, UK air date 20th April
“Honey Come Back” (in medley) from show with Wayne Newton, UK air date 27th April
“Galveston”, from show with Helen Reddy, UK air date 4th May
“Where`s The Playground Susie?”, from show with David Gates, UK air date 11th May
“Phoenix” (in medley) from show with Anne Murray, UK air date 18th May
“It`s A Sin (When You Love Somebody)”, from show with Seals & Croft, UK air date 25th May
“You Might As Well Smile”, from show with Seals & Croft, UK air date 25th May
From BBC TV, Glen Campbell and Friends, recorded at BBC, April 1975, ILC Media
DVD, Best of The G. C. Music Show, RPM Films, RPMDVD2, 2006
Also on DVD, G.C. Live, Through the years, Elm Street Media, 2011, ESMDVD001
Also some DVD tracks on G.C. Live Anthology 1972-2001, Goldenlane Records CLP 8935

From TV Serie `The Midnight Special`. NBC. Host is Helen Reddy.
Maybe G.C. / Helen Reddy even sings a medley include some J.W. songs?
Air date 15th August, season 3., episode 44. 90 minutes.

“Christiaan No”
From LP `Bloodline´, Capitol 11516, 15th April 1976

From TV Serie `The Midnight Special`. NBC. Host is G.C.
Maybe G.C. / Helen Reddy even sings a medley include some J.W. songs?
Air date 2th July, season 4., episode 34. 90 minutes.

”This Is Sarah`s Song”
”Early Morning Song”
From TV Serie `The Midnight Special`. NBC. Host is G.C.
Air date 4th February, season 5., episode 18. 90 minutes.

“This Is Sarah`s Song”, 2:34
“Early Morning Song”, 3:30
From LP `Southern Nights´, Capitol 11601, 15th February 1977
Gold Records Certifications (RIAA), 5th October, 1977

”MacArthur Park”
From TV Serie `The Midnight Special`. NBC. Host is G.C.
Air date 11th November, season 6., episode 9. 90 minutes.

“Phoenix”, 2:51
“Galveston”, 3:05
“Wichita Lineman” 2:47 (J.W. don`t conduct this song)
“MacArthur Park”, 7:00
“This Is Sarah`s Song”, 2:22 (Glen was once married to Sarah, very short time)
“Where`s The Playground Susie?” (J.W. don`t conduct this song - not on the record set, on dvd)
“Early Morning Song” (unissued)
From 2- LP set `Glen Campbell - Live In Royal Festival Hall`, Capitol 11707, 15th Nov. 1977
(recorded spring 1977, April, London, England - J.W. conduct first 5 songs on album)
From VHS - G.C. Live in London, Prism Entertainment 9405V, USA issue 1977
From DVD - G.C. in concert, ILC Entertainment ILC3566, 2007

“Honey Come Back” (medley)
“Phoenix” (medley)
“Wichita Lineman” (medley)
“Galveston” (medley)
From DVD `Country`s Greatest Stars Live, Volume 1.´, 2010, from a 2 DVD set

”Asleep On The Wind”
”Pocketful Of Keys”
”MacArthur Park”
Arthur Fiddler & The Boston Pops Orchestra live in concert with Glen Campbell in July
TV, concert. Can be found, watch only out on YouTube

”Wichita Lineman” - NO singing
”Phoenix” - NO singing
TV, basketball special. Sketch with Glen Campbell from a Bob Hope special baseball in 1978
entitled `Bob Hope Salute The 75th Anniversary Of The World Series`.
G.C. mention super short lines from “Wichita Lineman” and “Phoenix”
to Bob Hope, in a humorous way

“Honey Come Back”
“Wichita Lineman”
All up here, is from a medley include some few other songs
TV Series, music. `Country`s Greatest Stars Live`, `50 Years Of Country Music`. Shout! Factory.
Special live tv series in 1978, produced by `The Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum` to celebrate America`s musical heritage, and was originally aired on television in 1978, over five months. Whole serie runs over 7 hours.
Released on dvd in 2010. This dvd `Country`s Greatest Stars Live: Vol. 1` runs 180 minutes.

“Love Song”
From LP `Highwayman`, Capitol 12008, 15th October 1979

“I Say A Little Prayer / Phoenix”
From `Solid Gold`, air January 1980, G.C. & Dionne Warwick sings this in a medley
Also out on YouTube

“Highwayman” (live)
From VHS - `A Celebration - Tribute To Dorsey Burnette`, Monterey Home Video

“In Cars”
From LP `It`s The World Gone Crazy´, Capitol 12124, 15th January 1981

“Wichita Lineman” (medley)
“Galveston” (medley)
From 2- LP set `Glen Campbell - Live, British tour`, RCA 9002, UK issue
Recorded at Cornwall Coliseum, Carlyon Bay, St. Austell, UK

“Wichita Lineman” (medley)
“Galveston” (medley)
From DVD - `Glen Campbell - Recorded live in Dublin, Ireland`, Australia issue
Umbrella music DVD - David 0173 in 2004

“Wichita Lineman”
From a medley, include some few other songs
From TV - `9th Annual American Music Awards`, air 25th January. ABC.
G.C. is one of the hosts. 180 minutes. Also out on YouTube

“I Was Too Busy Loving You”, 3:05
From LP `Old Home Town`, Atlantic 90016, 6th October 1982

“Galveston / Country Boy” (medley), episode 3, broadcast, air 2th October, guest are Terri Gibbs.
“Highwayman” and
“Wichita Lineman”, episode 4., broadcast, air 9th October, guest are Chuck Mangione.
“When Can Brown Begin” G.C. / Billy Preston in duet, episode 7., broadcast, air 30th October, guest are B.P.
“Phoenix”, episode 8., broadcast air 6th November, guest are Roger Miller.
“Saturday Night”
“Ocean In His Eyes”
“Easy For You To Say” J.W. solo
“MacArthur Park” G.C. / J.W.
“Old Wing Mouth” G.C. / J.W., episode 22., broadcast, air 12th February 1983, guest are Jimmy Webb.
TV show, music: `The Glen Campbell Music Show`. Gaylord Entertainment Television,
The Glen Campbell Company, USA.
Was air from 18th September 1982 to 26th February 1983.
Pilot episode was broadcast in 1981. Each episode runs 30 minutes. NOT ISSUED!

“Phoenix” (from show with Roger Miller - same as mention up here)
From VHS - `The G.C. Music Show 1982-83`, Family of Stars Video, 30 min. run, out 1990

From UK morning tv show. G.C. and Donny Osmond talk and sings together parts of “Phoenix” and G.C. sings and play guitar in “Galveston”. Also out on YouTube

“Wichita Lineman”
“Galveston / Country Boy” (medley)
`G.C. Live At Silk Cut International Festival Of Country Music In London`s Wembley Arena`.
23th April, BBC Radioplay, maybe album was out 1987, for radio airplay only, call `At Wembley´

From TV-show - `Bobby Bare And Friends`, interview and music. The Nashville Network
Include Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb. Air maybe Tuesday 16th October.

“Before There Could Be Me”, 2:17
From LP `No More Night`, Word / A&M 8293, 14th August 1985

G.C. sings together with group The Highwaymen, minus Kris Kristofferson on a Farm Aid concert,
22th September in Campaign, Illinois state. Found a nice clip out on YouTube.

“Wichita Lineman / Phoenix”
G.C. sings in a medley this tunes, on a Farm Aid concert, 22th Sept. in Campaign, Illinois state.
Out on YouTube.

“Cowboy Hall Of Fame”, 2:33
“Do What You Gotta Do”, 3:44
“Shattered”, 3:30
From LP `It`s Just A Matter Of Time`, Atlantic 90483, 6th November 1985
Also on super rare CD on Hosanna Music HMD 091???
Also out on CD, same title, Rock Beat Records ROC-CD-3070

“MacArthur Park”
From LP - From `The American Eagle`, `Cross Country Music Show #no. 3`,
Broadcast, air 18th January 1986
Glen C. - live with The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra, North Carolina, 2th March 1985

“I Say A Little Prayer / Phoenix”
From `Solid Gold`, from February 1986, G.C. & Dionne Warwick sings this in a medley
Also out on YouTube

“In Cars”
`The Beach Boys 25 Years Together`, Live on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
Glen Campbell sings some lines from this tune.
Out on DVD - my copy Norwegian issue - Scantrade entertainment 31001

“Still Within The Sound Of My Voice”, 4:08
“For Sure, For Certain, Forever, For Always”, 3:17
From LP `Still Within The Sound Of My Voice`, MCA Records 42009

“Wichita Lineman” (medley)
“Galveston” (medley)
“Phoenix” (medley)
From a medley, include some few other songs, sung by artist mention down here
Dolly Parton, `Dolly`, TV episode, comedy, music. Sandollar Productions.
With guest appearances in addition Dolly Parton, Brenda Lee and Glen Campbell.
The 1. season, 15. episode, sent on 30th January. 60 minutes.

“More Than Enough”, 2:55
From LP `I Should Be With You` with Steve Wariner - G.C. background vocal

”Lightning In A Bottle”, 4:03
“If These Walls Could Speak”, 2:58
“More Than Enough”, 2:53
“Brand New Eyes”, 2:29
“Light Years”, 3:47
“Almost Alright Again”, 3:27
“Saturday Night”, 2:32
“Our Movie”, 3:33
From LP `Light Years`, MCA Records 42210

“Light Years”, 3:52
Official `Light Years` music video Kim Woolen, G.C.s wife dance in this video.
MCA Records. From a YouTube clip, 14th September 1988

”Light Years”
”If These Walls Could Speak”
”Where’s The Playground Susie?”
”MacArthur Park”
“Wichita Lineman”
“The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”
“Still Within the Sound Of My Voice”
“Honey Come Back” (not whole song)
“Almost Alright Again” (not whole song)
From DVD / CD - Glen Campbell / Jimmy Webb `In Session`.
Live music in studio with band, small talk, also over music here.
Recorded live at CHCH tv studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 9th December 1988.
Released on DVD / CD, 9th October 2012. Concord Music Group, Fantasy FAN-34070-00.

“Galveston”, 3:02
“Phoenix”, 2:35
“Wichita Lineman”, 2:45
“Highwayman”, 2:50
From DVD - `Glen Campbell Live`, Wienerworld WNRD 7005, UK issue, running time 82 min.
From VHS - `Live At The Dome`, same as above?, Castle M. Pictures, VHS CMP 6051
Also out on CD `G.C. Live, Through the years`, Elm Street Media, ESMDVD001, 2011
Also some CD / DVD tracks on `G.C. Live Anthology 1972-2001`, Goldenlane Records CLP 8935
Recorded Doncaster, UK, 1990. Out on VHS / DVD out 1991, 2005, 2011, 2012

“Where I Am Going”, 4:09
“The Four Horsemen”, 5:05
From CD `Show Me Your Way´, New Heaven Records 20011-2

“Only One Life”
“I Will Arise”, (J.W. not writer, but arranger)
From CD `Wings Of Victory`, New Heaven Records 20021-2

“I Will Arise”, (J.W. not writer, but arranger)
From TV `Music City Tonight` serie. The Nashville Networks, usually referred to as TNN.
G.C. sings this song, plus he is interviewed. Host are Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase.
Serie was running years 1993-1995. 90 minutes. Out on YouTube

“Wichita Lineman”
“MacArthur Park”
“The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”
“The Highwayman” (Webb, Crosby, Campbell and Garfunkel sing this song)
“I Will Arise” (J.W. and others)
`A Celebration Of The Music Of Jimmy Webb`, Jimmy Webb concert Monday 27th September.
In New York City`s, Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall with the orchestra, with performances by J.W. solo, The Tonics, David Crosby, Glen Campbell, Art Garfunkel, Michael Feinstein, Nanci Griffith and Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge.

“Wichita Lineman”
“Where`s The Playground Susie?” (included in a medley)
From VHS - `Glen Campbell Goodtime Show´, Glen Campbell Goodtime Theatre
Recorded 1994, Branson, Missouri, a Branson Video Classics, US issue, 70 min. all

”Wichita Lineman”
”It`s A Sin When You Love Somebody”
Movie `Love Serenade`, Australian Film Finance Corporation, more, and Miramax Films, USA.
CD 1996, also include actor John Alansu, adduced acapella some lines from ”Wichita Lineman”
From MOVIE soundtrack, issue 1th August 1997. 101 minutes. Out on CD and DVD

“Phoenix”, 2:46
“Galveston”, 2:52
“Wichita Lineman”, 2:56
“Where`s The Playground Susie? + 7 other songs”, 14:09 (included in a medley)
From CD `Rhinestone Cowboy - Greatest Hits Live`, Country Star 55444
Recorded 9-10th August 1994, Branson, Missouri - My copy Belgium issue

“Wichita Lineman”, 4:04
From CD `Lounge-A-Palooza`, Hollywood Records 62072-2
G.C., Michelle Shocked, Freddy Fender vocals with Texas Tornados

“Careless Weed”
From a YouTube clip, where famous studio music men Larry Knechtel, Joe Osborne and filmmaker Gil Baker is audience in picture with G.C., who play guitar and sings.
From Gil Baker`s film `Session Men`. Recorded in Los Angeles, November. NOT ISSUED!

“No Signs Of Age”
“If This Walls Could Speak”
”MacArthur Park”
“Highwayman” (G.C. solo with guitar)
From TV, `Prime Time Country`, Nashville, host Gary Chapman, air February 1998
Dick Clark Production, The Nashville Network.
G.C. sings, J.W. on piano, plus small talk both, not piano on ”MacArthur Park”. NOT ISSUED!
“Wichita Lineman”
From TV, David Letterman, `Late Show With David Letterman`, air 1th December
CBS Productions. 60 minutes.
G.C. plays also with the CBS Orchestra, and Letterman jokes and `sing` lines from the tune. Recorded on Ed Sullivan Theater, Broadway, New York. Out on YouTube

“Phoenix” (newer studio version)
“Didn`t We” (newer studio version)
From CD - `By The Time I Get To Phoenix`, Rolled Gold RGCD 1142, UK
Maybe recorded around 1993?, first out 2005

`Ryman Country Homecoming 3`, 1999. Hosted by Ralph Emery and Bobby Bare.
Live in studio - no audience, but other artists. From VHS - Coming Home Music SHV 4383

”Wichita Lineman”
TV talk show, music. `The Donny And Marie Osmond Talk Show`. Air 2th March.
G.C. both sings and talk.
Dick Clark Productions, Columbia TriStar Television. Show was running from 1998-2000.

”Up, Up, And Away”
”MacArthur Park”
”Wichita Lineman”
Maybe this above tunes only in medley with no singing and some few others songs. G.C. and J.W. play.
From TV, David Letterman, `Late Show With David Letterman`, air 1th May
G.C. and Jimmy Webb plays with the CBS Orchestra and Paul Shaffer
Letterman jokes and `sing` lines from ”Wichita Lineman” tune.
CBS Productions. 7. season, episode 132, show #no. 1394. 60 minutes.

“Wichita Lineman”
From `The View`, talk show, hosts Meredith Vieira and Star Jones, May 2000, ABC
G.C., J.W. first in `small talk`, and then together live, they perform the song. Out on YouTube

“Wichita Lineman”
From `The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn`, CBS, 27th June 2000, live. Out on YouTube

“Wichita Lineman”
From `The Saturday Early Show`, CBS, New York City, live, G.C. and Jimmy Webb perform.
Out on YouTube

2001 (maybe recorded 2000?)
“Wichita Lineman”
From DVD - `Ralph Emery`s Country Legends Serie, Volume 1.`, 2005, Coming Home Music
SHDVD 4646 617884464691

“Highwayman” (live in studio - with G.C. and Kris Kristofferson)
“Galveston” (live in studio)
From CD - `All Star Jam`, Coming Home Music 617884230425 SHD2304
Also on VHS, Coming Home Music SHV 4419, hosted by Ralph Emery and Bobby Bare

“Wichita Lineman” (live in studio)
From DVD - ´Ralph Emery`s Country Legends Series, Vol. 1.`, 2005
Coming Home Music SHDVD 4646 617884464691

“Wichita Lineman” 3:50
“Highwayman”, 3:01
“Phoenix”, 3:06
“Galveston”, 4:00
“The Moon`s A Harsh Mistress”, 3:03
“Still Within The Sound Of My Voice”, 4:00
“MacArthur Park”, 7:34
From CD - `Glen Campbell - In Concert`, recorded 10-11th January 2001 in South Dakota, USA
with The South Dakota`s Sioux Falls Symphony Orchestra
Glen Campbell Enterprises, LTD
Also some DVD tracks on G.C. Live Anthology 1972-2001, Goldenlane Records CLP 8935
(also out on VHS / DVD)

From `CMT 100 Greatest Song`, sung live, G.C. and Steve Wariner.
Introduced by Brad Paisley. CMT `Country Music Television Canal`. Also on YouTube

“Wichita Lineman”
From CD / DVD - Stone Temple Pilots, `Thank You`, 2003
With G.C. together with group Stone Temple Pilots live in studio on the dvd part
Atlantic 7567-83682-5, 2 records, CD, DVD, EURO press

“When Can Brown Begin” (sung by Andrae Crouch + G.C.)
From DVD - `Hallelujah Gospel`, diff. artist, 1982 recording
Image Entertainment ID1044ZTDVD

“Still Within The Sound Of My Voice”
“No Signs Of Age”
“Asleep On The Wind”
“Postcard From Paris”
“The Highwayman”
“Lightning In A Bottle”
“Time Flies”
“Wichita Lineman”
“MacArthur Park”
“The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”
Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb together in concert at `Feinstein At The Loews Regency`
Manhattan, New York City, from 14th June to 18th June.
This club closed December 2012.
NOT AWARE, FORGOT, who artist sing solo, or when they sang together

“Wichita Lineman”
From DVD - `Legends Of Country Classic Hits Of 50s, 60s & 70s`, various artists,
Recorded at Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson, Missouri, USA
Shout, TJL82663-10465 - video recorded in 1990`ties?

“Wichita Lineman”
Remix of the old tracks - Bonus tracks from CD, only this sold in WalMart stores
From CD issue - `Meet Glen Campbell`, 2008 Capitol Records 509992 34132 26
“Galveston” as on the CD issue, is also to be found on LP issue,
´Meet Glen Campbell`, 2008, Capitol Records 509992 34132 14
Also out on ordinary CD, NO bonus tracks, NO J.W. tunes

“Wichita Lineman” (also used as instrumental entrance music)
Live from Mermaid Theatre, London 10th October, air over BBC 2 Radio, Friday 14th November
include BBC Concert Orchestra
From BBC 2 Radio show Friday Night, presenter Paul Cambaccini

“Wichita Lineman”
“Galveston” (this was not on the CD version - but both was include in BBC Two TV show)
BBC Two TV, `Live From Later… With Jools Holland`, air on 10th October 2008
From CD ´Later… With J.H. - Live 2 With Jools Holland`, Rhino, BBC WMTV1005, out 2009

“Wichita Lineman”
`Keith Urban - Escape Together World Tour`, July 2009
G.C. and Keith Urban live in Las Vegas. Out on YouTube.

“Phoenix” (duet Campbell and J.W.)
From Jimmy Webb`s solo, duet CD `Just Across The River`
Out on E1 Music label, E1E-CD-2068. Releases day 29th June 2010

“Wish You Was Here”, 3:51. (Normal title “Postcard From Paris”)
Bonus track - ONLY for download, from G.C.s `Ghost On The Canvas`
Surfdog R. 233446, Releases day 30th August 2011

“Wichita Lineman”
“Galveston” (all live)
Bonus tracks on G.C. `Ghost On The Canvas´, from G.C. Goodtime Hour, 1969-72, in mono
`Limited edition deluxe package´ box, CD version, Surfdog R. 2-528918
Releases day: 30th August 2011

“Phoenix” (V.G.)
“Wichita Lineman” (K.U.)
“Galveston” (B.P.)
Glen Campbell DO NOT SING, but Kim and Glen is present, and also arrival on the stage,
in ending of the medley.
`G.C. Tribute`, medley - sing by Vince Gill, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, J.W. is on piano
From 45 Annual CMA Awards 9th November 2011, Nashville. Out on YouTube

“Wichita Lineman” (From AOL sessions concert 2008)
Bonus track from reissue `Meet Glen Campbell`,
Capitol Records 509993 27677 28, Releases day: 6th June 2012

“Wichita Lineman”
“Postcard From Paris”, same song as “Wish You Was Here”,
who ONLY was for download on ´Ghost On The Canvas` album in 2011
“Postcard From Paris”, on EU issue ONLY, is this bonus track, alternate mix include
Out on CD album - `See You There`, Releases day: 12th August 2013
Surfdog R. 1-18012, US issue, is also to be found on LP vinyl issue, Surfdog R. 1-18013, fold out
Surfdog R. 233761, EU issue, Surfdog R. VICP 75110, Japan issue, Releases day: 18th September

“Wichita Lineman” (live, from Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, 30th November 2011)
Who ONLY was for download from 30th September, 5 songs all
From Glen Campbell `I`ll Be Me` movie, in theatres 24th October 2014
Out on CD album, Releases day: 17th February 2015, Soundtrack
LP vinyl album, Releases day: 21th April 2015, Big Machine Records BMRFGC0100, Soundtrack

“By The Time I Get To Phoenix”, Capitol 2015, Releases day: 2th October 1967
#no. 02 on Country list #no. 26 Pop charts

“Wichita Lineman”, Capitol 2302, 21th October 1968
#no. 01 on Country list #no. 03 Pop charts
#no. 07 Pop charts, England, early 1969
Gold Records Certifications (RIAA), 22th January 1969

“Galveston”, Capitol 2428, 24th February 1969
#no. 01 on Country list #no. 04 Pop charts
#no. 07 Pop charts, England
Gold Records Certifications (RIAA), 14th October 1969

“Where`s The Playground Susie?”, Capitol 2494, 28th April 1969
#no. 28 on Country list #no. 26 Pop charts

“Honey Come Back”, Capitol 2718, 5th January 1970
#no. 02 on Country list #no. 19 Pop charts
#no. 04 Pop charts, England
“Phoenix + 1” (medley)
From 45 - Glen Campbell and Anne Murray, Capitol 3200, 4th October 1971

“It`s A Sin (When You Love Somebody)”, Capitol 3988, 18th November 1974

“Still Within The Sound Of My Voice”, MCA 53172

“For Sure, For Certain, Forever, For Always”, MCA 53245

“Light Years”, MCA 53426
#no. 35 on Country list

“More Than Enough”, MCA 53493
“Our Movie”, MCA 53493

“Postcard From Paris”
Advance CD copy, Surfdog R., picture cover
UK issue ONLY, bonus track, alternate mix, for “See You There”

UNISSUED, Unreleased, Glen Campbell / Jimmy Webb stuff Capitol Records Recordings, around 1969-78
Capitol Records
Matrix #no. 70544 “Didn`t We” (studio?), (10th June 1969)
Matrix #no. 72364 + 79501 “Clows Exit Laughing”, (5/1/69 - 79501, 12/7/72, 6/7/73, 6/8/73)
Matrix #no. 73997 “Beth”, (2/17/70, 4/6/70, 5/11/1970)
Matrix #no. 76025 “Evie”, (12/23/70, 1/20/71, 2/2/1971)
Matrix #no. ??? “Red Clay County Line”, (5/1969?) Eirik Wangberg and Jimmy Webb has work with this demo!
Matrix #no. 77848 “Love Song”, (13th December 1971)
Matrix #no. 79500 + 91245 “All I Know”, (7th December 1972 - 91245, 1th April 1974)
Matrix #no. 91168 “Crying In My Sleep”, (5th March 1974)
Matrix #no. 91169 “Just This One Time” (alternate), (1th April 1974)
Matrix #no. 91170 “Adoration” (alternate), (1th April 1974)
Matrix #no. 91690 + (G.C.s sister) “Ocean In His Eyes” (Sandy Brink sings), (22th September 1974)
Matrix #no. 93218 “One Of The Few”, 6/7/76, 6/8/76 and 2/22/78, 2/28/78, 5/26/78
Matrix #no. 93470 “When Did I Lose Your Love”, (10/1/76, 10/4/76)
Matrix #no. 93471 “One Of These Nights”, 10/1/76, 10/4/76, 10/6/76, 10/13/76
Matrix #no. 94113 “Where`s The Playground Susie?”, (live, London 1977), 4/2/1977
Matrix #no. 94124 “Early Morning Song”, (live, London 1977), 4/2/1977
Matrix #no. 94917 “Our Movie”, (10th February or could be 10th March 1978)
Matrix #no. 94443 “Sunshower”, (29th September, 7th October 1977)
Matrix #no. 95838 “Sunshower”, (9th March 1979)
Matrix #no. 94859 “When Can Brown Begin”, (27th February 1978)
Matrix #no. 96217 “Hideaway” (9th November 1978)

UNISSUED, Unreleased, Glen Campbell / Jimmy Webb stuff, Atlantic America, around 1982
Matrix #no. ? “Almost Alright Again”, (16th April 1982)
Matrix #no. ? “Driftwood”, (19th April 1982, 22th April 1982)
Matrix #no. ? “Santa Fe”, (10th May 1982, 21th May 1982)

From concerts, TV-show, YouTube clip, I have found this, G.C. solo or include J.W.; “No Signs Of Age”, “Pocketful Of Keys”, “Sunshower”, “Up, Up And Away”, “Asleep On The Wind”, “Careless Weed”, “Old Wing Mouth” (J.W. / G.C.), “All I Know” (J.W. / G.C.), “Adios” (J.W. / G.C.), “Campo De Encino” (J.W. / G.C.) and “Postcard From Paris” (J.W. / G.C.).

Play tunes of Jimmy Webb from TV, radio show, concerts, I / we remember so far

Some few more I / we be missing will hopefully someday be added.

/1/, /2/. In September 1999, 3 of Glen C. songs were honoured by ASCAP as the most played country songs of all time on Country radio stations, “Wichita lineman” as number #no. 1., “Galveston” on place #no. 11.
Hello I'm MarySue.
I've been a G.C. fan all of my life! I've seen the Talk of the Town video on YouTube but I'm I didn't see the Pan's People dance portion. Is there any way anyone could send me a copy of the dance? I'd sure appreciate it.
Have a good one!

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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by Cowpoke » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:29 am

This is a pretty cover version of Wichita Lineman by Irish band The Villagers, from 2016

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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by dee2 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:07 pm

Need a coaster?
(just kidding!) :)

This is awesome news for fans of Jimmy Webb!

From Jimmy Webb's FB page on Sept. 14, 2018
JIMMY WEBB_TEN EASY PIECES_BONUS SONGS.png (216.13 KiB) Viewed 8494 times
We're excited to announce that today starts the pre-ordering for Jimmy's new Ten Easy Pieces Deluxe Edition. The new reissue was remastered with four bonus tracks which include "Up, Up and Away,"" I Was Too Busy Loving You," and additional demo takes of "Galveston" and "The Worst That Could Happen" plus new liner notes by Jimmy.

Pre-Order Jimmy Webb's Ten Easy Pieces on CD at and receive a free autographed coaster with your order. You can get more info and order it here (on Friday Music's website): :arrow: https://bit.ly/2CXaCMJ

This coaster, hand-signed by the legendary Jimmy Webb, is a Friday Music exclusive, and is only available when you pre-order the cd before October 19th 2018 -Jimmy Webb.

Jimmy Webb | Ten Easy Pieces - The Deluxe Edition CD (Original Recording Master/Limited Edition)
Regular price $19.98 + SHIPPING $5.00 USPS MEDIA MAIL / $5.10 USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL




Wichita Lineman
The Moon's A Harsh Mistress
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
If These Walls Could Speak
Didn't We
Worst That Could Happen
All I Know
MacArthur Park
Galveston (Demo version)
Worst That Could Happen (Demo version)
Up, Up And Away (Demo Version)
I Was Too Busy Loving You (Demo Version)

* * *

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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by admin » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:18 pm

More information about the Elvis Presley Comeback Special '68 and Jimmy Webb's MacArthur Park:

Inside Elvis Presley’s Legendary 1968 Comeback Special
By Kory Grow
August 16, 2017
(Director Steve Binder and his producer, Bones Howe) wanted (the Comeback Special) to end with Elvis singing a current hit, possibly “MacArthur Park,” though Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker was still hoping for it to end with a Christmas song. It was an idea that they’d develop until almost the last minute.

They moved into the NBC studio on June 17th, rehearsing (Jerry Reed's) “Guitar Man,” and they began recording the choreographed “story” section of the special three days later with a strong selection of L.A. sidemen, including guitarist Mike Deasy and drummer Hal Blaine. It was also then that Binder decided they needed another song to end the show, leading him to beseech vocal arranger Earl Brown to write (overnight) what would become “If I Can Dream” ... as a replacement for Parker’s Christmas song.
SOURCE: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/musi ... al-192201/

Additionally: During the August 16th, 2018, 50th anniversary screening of the Elvis Comeback Special, Priscilla Presley and Steve Binder specifically addressed Colonel Parker's directive to include a Christmas song on the set list. They recalled that, in-person and in front of Binder, Parker told Elvis that a Christmas song must be / will be included. In reply, Elvis put his head down, not looking at Parker, and said, "yes, sir"....

According to Binder, shortly after Parker's directive, Elvis--using an expletive--privately told Binder that he did NOT want a Christmas song on the set list. Elvis made the final decision. No Christmas song landed on the set list, thereby (imo) allowing the Comeback Special to be dissociated for all time with a specific season or time of year, a small but significant aspect contributing to its year-round screenings.

Perhaps at that point, Binder (and possibly Elvis?) wanted to move forward with adding "MacArthur Park" as the ending song?

However, as Jimmy Webb fans now know, for Elvis to have performed "MacArthur Park", Col. Parker wanted ownership of the song's publishing rights. Webb turned down Parker's request/demand and, consequently, "MP" was not performed by Elvis on the special and Elvis never recorded/released it.

And yet...the King of Rock and Roll got his cake and ate it, too, when one considers his inclusion of a lyric from "MacArthur Park" DURING the Comeback Special (resulting in the MP / JW credit in the special's ending credits) AND, based on the release of the Comeback's Bloopers, Elvis also parodied abbreviated lyrics from "MacArthur Park" at least THREE other times during the Comeback Special's taping/rehearsals.

MacArthur Park - Jimmy Webb.jpg
MacArthur Park - Jimmy Webb.jpg (90.14 KiB) Viewed 8657 times

c. 2018 D. Zink All Rights Reserved

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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by dee2 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:32 pm

After attending a 50th Anniversary Screening of the Elvis Comeback Special '68 sponsored by Fathom Events last week, I did not expect to be posting about it on the Jimmy Webb topic here, but here I am posting about a cool Elvis Presley-Jimmy Webb connection. I am betting all the "Webb Heads" already know about it. This connection was new to me and may be new to other fans, too.
2018-08-02_ELVIS COMEBACK SPECIAL POSTER.jpg (44.79 KiB) Viewed 8715 times
A few comments (my opinions only) first about the screening event (as well as some photos for the Elvis fans below). The Comeback was shown (digitally, I expect) using the original aspect ratio, resulting in a blurred projection on screen, a disappointing lack in technology for 2018.

The two big production numbers featuring Elvis do not hold up in 2018; both are campy at best and disrupt the flow and intimacy of the improvisational acoustic segment--one that remains classic ELVIS GOLD. Also golden is Elvis's still powerful and relevant performance of “If I Can Dream”, calling for unity and harmony "in a world that's troubled with pain", staged for closing the special:
c. 2013_D. Zink_JFK Performing Arts Center.jpg
Comeback Special_Classic Gold
c. 2013_D. Zink_JFK Performing Arts Center.jpg (51.64 KiB) Viewed 8675 times

The comeback of the Comeback Special began with a recent, taped interview / informal chat between Priscilla Presley and Steve Binder, the Comeback's producer/director, and was held backstage at the same NBC studio where the original show was filmed.

Priscilla feels that the Comeback Special still holds up these days musically and performance-wise including the stage outfits worn by Elvis; in particular, she mentioned the black leather suit still looks "cool".
Elvis Comeback Special.jpg
SOURCE: https://www.theo2.co.uk/news/detail/comeback-special-68
Elvis Comeback Special.jpg (39.17 KiB) Viewed 8714 times
She also explained something I had never liked about the Special: why Elvis "goofed off" (my words) during performing. He stops singing to make comical comments or he changes a word in a straight lyric to something comical, laughs with the audience, then picks up with the song again.

Priscilla appreciates that the director kept these informalities (not goofs, my word) in the show because "this was Elvis", his making fun of himself, having fun in general when jamming was the real Elvis. In fact, she shares, the main premise of the special--Elvis singing and playing with his band--was exactly what Elvis used to do when not working. Priscilla even recalls Elvis sitting around and jamming with a group of guys in his free time as far back as when Priscilla was in Germany with Elvis (serving in the U.S. Army, between 1958 and 1960).
GERMANY_ FEB 1959_ Elvis Presley salutes for portrait during tour of duty in Germany_Photo by Michael Ochs Archives Getty Images.jpg
Dee's uncle served with Elvis in Germany, and he has a similar photo of Elvis, only Elvis is posing near his Army jeep. c. GETTY IMAGES
GERMANY_ FEB 1959_ Elvis Presley salutes for portrait during tour of duty in Germany_Photo by Michael Ochs Archives Getty Images.jpg (43.56 KiB) Viewed 8714 times
I can better appreciate these comical moments now. In fact, when watching the Comeback after not seeing it for many years, I heard Elvis partially sing, partially say--after flubbing a line: "I don't think that I can take it...." When I heard this line, I thought, oh wow!, was Elvis actually singing a lyric from "MacArthur Park"? If so, had he been aware of what he said/sang and where that line came from?

When the ending credits rolled with the music credits, I read confirmed recognition of the line I had heard:


An ASCAP-compliant credit for an 8-word lyric! Very, very cool.

After the Comeback Special ended, Bonus Bloopers from the making of the Comeback were shown. In three of the bloopers, Elvis paraphrased, "I don't think that I can take it / 'Cause it took so long to bake it / And I'll never have that recipe again."

Obviously, Elvis was very aware of the song. Of course. Everyone was aware of this song in 1968. :D

Related to Elvis and "MacArthur Park", Jimmy Webb recently posted on his facebook page about owning an unreleased recording of Elvis singing "MacArthur Park." (Could JW have been referring to the blooper edits? or the full-fledged song?) Due to contractual reasons, Elvis's recording of "MP" could not be released, Jimmy shared, and added, his copy is one of his treasures. (Note: Off of facebook, Jimmy has often identified the "contractual" stoplight to be Colonel Parker who wanted to own the publishing rights to all the songs recorded by Elvis.)

For Jimmy Webb fans, Elvis fans and MacArthur Park fans, I found the Bloopers Bonus on YouTube, and you can listen to all three "MP" mentions by The King of Rock and Roll here:

The lyric appears approximately at:

The photos below are for Elvis fans who were not able to attend a screening of the return of the Comeback Special. No Comeback posters were on display at the theater. No cardboard, stand-up Elvis Presleys were on display. Taking photos of this signage, located outside of Auditorium 7 at the theater, was the only "photo opp" for us Elvis fans: proof that "Elvis had been in the house".
IMG_3179.JPG (855.64 KiB) Viewed 8715 times
IMG_3178.JPG (919.21 KiB) Viewed 8715 times
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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by dee2 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:49 pm

August 15, 2018

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Webb!

Portrait of Jimmy Webb_June 2015_c. D. Zink_GCF.jpg
Portrait of Jimmy Webb_June 2015_c. D. Zink_GCF.jpg (86.58 KiB) Viewed 8769 times

A tremendous article was published today by udiscovermusic in honor of Jimmy's birthday:
Jimmy Webb And The Great Americana Songbook
One of the world’s pre-eminent songwriters, Jimmy Webb can be said to have spearheaded an Americana equivalent of The Great American Songbook.

By Martin Chilton
It is fair to say that Americana, a melting pot of classic country, folk, bluegrass, Celtic music, Southern rock and Delta blues, has its own equivalent of The Great American Songbook – The Great Americana Songbook, if you will – and pre-eminent among the titan songwriters of that genre is (Jimmy) Webb.
Article with special audio links and a JW playlist of songs:

:arrow: https://tinyurl.com/yd7lpcq3

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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by dee2 » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:18 pm

Jimmy Webb_The Cake and The Rain_Audio_CD.jpg
Jimmy Webb_The Cake and The Rain_Audio_CD.jpg (19.42 KiB) Viewed 8817 times

August 2018 - Jimmy Webb is happy to announce The Cake and the Rain is now available in paperback and as an audiobook – narrated by Jimmy himself! The new formats are available from these book retailers:

Amazon.com | Barnes & Noble

Apple iTunes (download) | Amazon.com (CD)

(Note: On amazon, the Audiobook is free with an Audible trial for a 30-day period.) ;)


“I love Jimmy Webb’s songs, always have. They are dazzling and form the soundtrack of ours lives, from “MacArthur Park” to “Wichita Lineman” and dozens of songs in between. Jimmy’s new book, “The Cake and the Rain,” is dazzling too. The life and times of this Oklahoma kid turned songwriter is told with the same tender, funny and often heartbreaking phrases and visions he works into his best songs. In Jimmy’s voice I hear the sound of the railroad train, the music of the birds, the secret music of love gone wrong and friendship gone right- and life pouring, burning, running through his fingertips and his powerful visions of flying all the way out and all the way back home. Beautiful book. Get it, you need it. ”
— Judy Colllins

“There are popular songs, and there are great songs, and they are not always the same. . . It’s the fact that people are still singing and still listening to the songs Jimmy Webb started writing 50 years ago that’s a defining difference.”
— Patt Morrison, The Los Angeles Times

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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb - INFO FOR Seaudgive

Post by dee2 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:57 pm

Welcome to Glen Campbell Forums, Seaudgive!
I am still searching for the article you are looking for.

Are you interested in this type of train tour because of the Jimmy Webb connection?
Or perhaps an interest in traveling by rail with musicians/songwriters in general?

1. This is one company (maybe the same one that Jimmy used?) that will be offering perhaps their last such trip this coming fall 2018:
:arrow: http://www.rootsontherails.com/upcoming ... -west-2018
:arrow: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rootsrails/

2. In this article on Forbes' website, other new trips by rail are described with very awesome photos.
A typical Roots on the Rails train trip is limited to about 50 passengers because of the number of sleeping accommodations aboard. Musicians play and jam while the train is rolling — on chartered or public trains — and give concerts for the passengers during stopovers at hotels and other venues.
:arrow: See: https://www.forbes.com/sites/garystolle ... 9f0652dba5

Music-themed train travel with artists such as Jimmie Dale Gilmore would be great fun!

3. For information about Jimmy Webb's events (all concerts at this time), visit:

Some of Jimmy's fans have asked him to repeat the cross-country (U.S.) trip by train in the past. With fan interest, perhaps he will arrange for a similar trip in the future. I doubt it, but one never knows.

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Re: Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb

Post by Cowpoke » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:34 am

Yep that link is dead. But the original post is from 2010 so... Sadly enough it's not available on archives.org. But... welcome to the forums!

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